My Story

High school. Freshman year. Awkward. Under-confident. Anxious. I think I might have started my period for the month, but since it had been years since they glossed over menstruation in the 5th grade, I wasn’t sure exactly how the timing worked. (Actually, if you had asked 15-year-old-Connie biologically why menstruation occurs, she probably wouldn’t have had an answer.)

I was too nervous to ask any of my friends if I had blood on my butt. I was even a bit too self-conscious to check my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I tried to lower my backpack so my behind didn’t show. I tried to walk with my back against walls if possible. I often did this even when I was wearing a pad because, based on past experience, I didn’t trust it.

Finally, I was able to come home after a long day. To my mortification, my black-and-white striped shorts had a huge red stain on the back, covering about 6-8 inches in diameter. Embarrassed didn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. Mortified. White hot shame. Humiliated. I remember quickly hand-washing my shorts in the sink with a bit of detergent to get rid of this shameful evidence as soon as possible—and before anyone else (besides the whole school) found out.

Unfortunately this (true) story is all too common. From the lack of education in many schools to the almost ubiquitous shame and stigma regarding periods to the ineffectiveness of many period products, periods have long been the bane of existence for many menstruatuors.

I started Heralogie to help menstruators overcome period stigma through education and awareness, as well as gain Peace of Mind knowing they are covered by a highly effective period product. I founded the company after scouring the Internet for a pair of period underwear that fit comfortably, was made from natural materials, and was cost-effective. After interviewing dozens of manufacturers, I was finally able to find one that was able to provide quantities of Tencel, one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market, in small quantities that would suit the launch of my small business. Thus Heralogie was born.

I hope by my sharing my story with you, you can clear away even a bit of the cultural programming about period shame and stigma. Periods are a ubiquitous, natural phenomenon and should be a source of empowerment—not shame.




Founder at Heralogie