About Us

Heralogie was created with the desire to see a period underwear on the market that was actually comfortable. After trying dozens of brands on the market, I created Heralogie to fit a need that I had: finding period panty that wasn’t itchy or felt like a plastic swimsuit—because who wants to wear swimsuits for a week straight when you’re already feeling icky?!

After prototyping for months, I came up with a winning combination of fabrics that was both ridiculously comfortable and extremely effective in preventing unwanted menstrual leaks. I know we are all feminist and blood is not “gross,” but I still don’t want menstrual blood on my nice leggings!

Back it up. I founded Heralogie mid-pandemic, after leaving a successful career at a large investment firm. I did not feel like that company was behaving in a way that was in line with my personal values. I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I walked away to found a company that would actually do some good in this world and empower others.

Heralogie is pronounced Her-a-logy. Hera is the queen of gods. The suffix -ology means the “study of.” Why not honor, empower and appreciate our bodies as menstruators by allowing ourselves to feel comfortable, beautiful, powerful, and could it be… like goddesses… at all times, and especially during our cycles? (We seek to empower all menstruators regardless of gender identity.)

It warms my heart each time I get an email or message from a customer who tells me that our period panties have changed their lives. I am honored to be a part in the middle school girl’s journey to accepting her body and cycle. I am blown away by how people tell me they have “forgotten they are on their period” because the product was so comfortable. And I am grateful to each and every one of our partners and customers. It’s about time we started talking about our periods. It’s about time we start finding solutions that make our cycles more comfortable and sustainable.

We have also partnered with a handful of fearless nonprofits that aim to end period poverty. We’ve distributed thousands of menstrual products to those in need both domestically and overseas. Philanthropy is a big part of our company’s values and we aim to aid those when we can.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about the product or partnership ideas. We’d love to chat!



Founder & CEO
Heralogie, Inc.