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What Differentiates Heralogie Period Underwear from Other Brands?

What Differentiates Heralogie Period Underwear from Other Brands?

What Differentiates Heralogie Period Underwear from Other Brands?

It’s amazing how period underwear is becoming more commonplace these days as more and more people are environmentally minded. However it can be difficult to differentiate between the brands.

Heralogie is a small business that was founded in 2020 and launched in early 2020. Our fabrics are as sustainable as possible, with Tencel being the most prevalent fabric. Tencel is a sustainable fabric that is harvested under strict conditions via the company Lenzing. It is also known as Lenzing Modal. Modal is a super soft fabric that is softer and more absorbent than cotton. It is also very light, breathable yet durable. Tencel is harvested from beechwood tree pulp in Austria and surrounding areas. Modal is a fabric commonly used in shirts and intimates because of its comfortability. However, not all modal is made equal. Unfortunately, many companies harvest modal using unsustainable measures, leading to deforestation in places like China and South East Asia.

Model wears black seamless Heralogie period underwear while posing against a backdrop. The period panties look like regular, thin, comfortable underwear.

After months of testing different fabrics such as recycled polyester, recycled nylon and organic cotton, we decided that Tencel was the highest quality and most sustainable fabric we could find. The “body” of all our products is made with Tencel. The body means the outer layer of the garment—usually the largest piece of fabric used.

The top layer in each of our products is organic cotton. This is gynecologist recommended to reduce irritation. The fabrics are also treated to be anti-bacterial and anti-odor.

The middle layers are made from a specialty fabric that dries quickly, allowing you to stay comfortable all day.

The last layer is eco-friendly TPU, or a heat-treated waterproof layer that keeps your clothes and sheets dry.

Heralogie is a woman of color small business that launched during the pandemic. Our Founder, Connie Shih, left her job on Wall Street to pursue a business that would both empower menstruators and benefit the environment.

We also try to keep our price point reasonable so that customers can access period underwear, even on limited budgets. Even substituting one pair of period underwear for one day on your period could have significant environmental and monetary benefits in the long run. 

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