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Are Period Panties Sanitary? - Heralogie

Are Period Panties Sanitary?

Written by Heralogie Inc.
Period panties are becoming increasingly popular as an innovative solution for menstrual hygiene. These panties are designed to be quick-drying, multi-layered, and made with anti-bacterial materials to prevent bacterial growth and odor buildup. Concerns about UTIs, bacterial infections, and TSS are addressed, with recommendations to wear them for no more than 12 hours and to wash them promptly after use with cold water and gentle detergent. Emphasizing the use of non-toxic materials, the blog highlights the importance of choosing high-quality period underwear like Heralogie. Tips for keeping period panties fresh include washing soon after use, using cold water, and hang-drying in a well-ventilated area. Professional advice from an OBGYN or doctor is recommended for personalized menstrual health guidance. By following proper hygiene practices, period panties can provide a comfortable and convenient menstrual care routine.
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