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Care and Maintenance of Period Underwear 101

Care and Maintenance of Period Underwear 101

Care and Maintenance of Period Underwear 101

How to Keep Your Period Undies Fresh for as Long as Possible

Because period underwear is made with many layers of special fabrics, it needs special care. There are absorbency layers and a waterproof layer. The top layer is always organic cotton. Follow these instructions to ensure longevity for your period undies.

  • Wash soon after use
  • Always hang dry period undies, preferably in a sunny and dry place (not inside your shower)
  • Hand wash instead of machine washing if possible
  • Do not put in the dryer because there is a layer of specialty fabric in the gusset that will get ruined if too much heat is applied
  • If you must machine wash, place undies in a delicates bag—especially period underwear with mesh or lace
  • Wash with like colors
  • Hand wash after first use to check color fastness (there should not be too much if any dye bleeding, but this is a good preventative measure)
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softener, iron or dry clean
  • Do not share period underwear
  • Do not store damp underwear for extended periods of time if at all


Bonus Tips:

  • If you hand wash period panties, refill a soap container with detergent and place by sink or laundry machine
  • Have multiple pairs of menstrual underwear in different absorbencies so you can wear the appropriate pair during different parts of your period.
  • Hang dry flat to avoid stretching out the fabric
  • Use with a menstrual cup to catch any leaks and give you peace of mind
  • If you need to change period underwear during the day, carry a wet bag with you and an extra pair of period panties

It's really not that hard to take care of! Try it today.